July 22nd thru 25th - Legend Valley 7585 Kindle Rd, Thornville Ohio

Gathering News

Psychopathic Auction Items Revelaed!

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This years Psychopathic Auction items are now up and perpared to be schooled! Click on the below link to check out the full list. Even of you dont plan on making any bids, make sure to check out the auction this year to peep out all the excitment. It remains one of the livest non-musical events by far! 


More Flavor For the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos Revealed!

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The list of freshness for the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos just keeps getting bigger! The complete lineup for the Wrestling events and the list of Parties are now posted at JuggaloGathering.com! The Party flavor includes...


  • Kuma’s Blacklight Ninja Smoke Party!
  • DJ Clay’s Horny Nutts and Big Butts Party!
  • DJ Hoppa's Funk Volume Massacre Party!


Meanwhile, over at the JCW Ring, peep THIS dopeness we've got planned...


  • JCW Tryouts!
  • Exotic Ladies of Wrestling!
  • JCW Presents Oddball Wrestling!
  • PlaqueGOTJ2015Bloodymania 9!


Finally, we're proud to reveal the Winner's Plaque, which will be awarded to the champions of many of the Competitions at this year's Gathering. CHECK IT OUT!

Breaking News! More Gathering Artists Announced!

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News flash, Juggalos and Juggalettes! We’ve just confirmed another round of dope performers who will be gracing us with their presence! Check out this fresh lineup!

  • Waka Flaka Flame!
  • Mushroomhead!
  • Rittz!
  • Emmure!
  • The main roster of Lyrical Snuff Productions (LSP)!
  • Neurotic November!


And the flavor’s not over yet! We have many more dope artists to announce for this year’s Gathering, so keep your eyes peeled and your wig glued on tight until we reveal the next wave of artists who will joining us at this year’s family reunion!


And if this freshness wasn't enough, all of this year’s Pendulum Stage artists are now listed as well! Check it out!

GOTJ15 Art/Media Kit Ready For You To Download!

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Just added the dope Gathering Art / Press kit! Download our fresh ass Media Kit so you can decorate your social media pages or website with all of the details about this summer’s Gathering. Remember…2015 is The Year of the Juggalo, we don’t want a single ninja to miss out on all the flavor! So we got Facebook covers, profile pics, web banners, YouTube skins, you name it! Download the Media Kit and spread the world about the Gathering across the land!

Peep the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos Map!

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Gotj 2015 map smallDue to ticket demand, we added an extra campground for this year's Juggalo family reunion and now have an addition 15 acres for camping and partying! Check out the new map and start planning your campsite NOW!

Sideshows and Other Flavor Now Revealed!

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The sideshows and other flavor for this year’s Gathering has now been finalized! We got something for everybody this year, including our old friend Big Silva unleashing his incomparable brand of destruction to the trippy talents on display at Bizzaro World. Also, we got a whole bazaar of dope ass vendors selling everything from tattoos to pipes to e-cigs, not to mention FREE arcade games and other freshness—the full list is in the Other Flavor link. So check out both the Sideshows and Other Flavor sections of the Gathering site for the full lineup!