Juggalo Parties

DJ Clay’s Horny Nutts and Big Butts Party


Co-Host: Mike Busey and the Busey Beauties


When the bass drops at this sinfully indulgent party so will any sense of decency, dignity, or morals. Get ready for DJ Clay to bring the noise once again to this now infamous party well known for its booty shaking debauchery provided by non-other than Mike Busey and the Busey Beauties! As the music ignites your inner child to jump, these half-naked sexually empowered vixens will ignite your inner passions to pump. If you wanted to find the place to forget about the outside world or even your own name, then this is it. Soon all inhibitions will melt away by a cesspool of G-string covered apple bottoms, throbbing beats, flashing lights and chemically induced fun. So don’t miss this party that is sure to be one of the most talked about events this year!


DJ Hoppa Funk Volume Full Throttle Party


Co Host: The Girls of WolfPac


3…2…1…BOOM! Get ready for an explosion of sight and sound as Funk Volume’s DJ Hoppa ignites the stage with a napalm strike of devastating beats. There will be nowhere to run as bombs of high explosive sound cause shockwaves to reverberate throughout the Gathering grounds and beyond. It will be a party of nuclear proportions as the girls of Wolfpac also join the mix to help keep it poppin' all night long. So make sure to stop by and get your wig peeled back by what is for sure to register on the Richter Scale as one of the dopest and livest DJ sets ever. This is one day to tell your great grandchildren about so they can sit back and roll their eyes at you in disbelief, for the tales you will tell of this party will truly be unbelievable! BOOM, SON!


Kuma’s Blacklight Ninja Smoke Party


Co-Host: Kevin Gill, Triplesix and her Six Hot Friends


Lose yourself in a bevy of scantily clad women whose painted bodies magically glow beneath the black lights. Move to the hypnotic beat as DJ Kuma lays out some of the best Juggalo music infused with hardcore electronic cuts that will inspire you to gyrate. Hear Kevin Gill as the master of ceremonies as he hypes the crowd to a level of euphoric insanity. See Triplesix and her six hot friends as their beauty and charm lets your altered state of consciousness transcend to a whole new plane of bliss. This is the epic party you’ve heard so much about two years ago and it has returned once again! Plenty of glow sticks, Faygo, and florescent body painters will be on hand. We encourage all to wear white, yellow, orange, light green, hot pink, bright or neon colors.