Side Shows

Big Silva Show


Destruction, mayhem and cigarettes are all that he knows. He is the epitome of the unstoppable force, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “large and in charge.” Made up of 100s of pounds of pure duct tape, his gargantuan form only wishes to pulverize objects into millions of pieces. Watch as he is raised on high by a giant fork lift and repeatedly dropped on various furniture, electronic equipment and vehicles all in the name of explosive fun. Also on hand will be the Scrub Care Unit along with your Psychopathic homies, who will be serving up drinks and cooking up free hotdogs and hamburgers for all that attend. So let’s get this Big Silva party started!

Bizarro World


Imagine a world of spiritual, creative and artistic freedom. A place where ninjas can openly express themselves as all the worries of the mortal world slip away to leave only a euphoric feeling of contented joy. Thus is the magic of Bizarro World, whose rhapsody society composed of drummers, magicians, poets, fire performers and more, will emerge from the darkness every night to celebrate life. All are welcome to behold this amazing union or join in with whatever talent they wish to share; for this is the place where the soul is free to dance.

Juggalo Wedding


Since this is a Juggalo wedding you can expect the unexpected. Anything can and probably will happen. Come join Josh “Chicken Man” Perkins and Kira Maury as they are forever united in this Faygo soaked union of marital bliss. The Reverend Woof, back by popular demand, will be giving his unorthodox sermon, while being accompanied by a slew of unusual characters. So sit back and enjoy how you wish all weddings could be because there will be plenty of antics, vulgarity, singing, surprises and chaos for all to enjoy…let the wedding bells ring, for love and Faygo are in the air!

Freakshow Deluxe


We would like to present to you your worst nightmares come to life. Soon you will witness some of the strangest living oddities known to man, who will attempt some of the most hideous, repulsive and disgusting acts you could never imagine. Come witness abominations of nature such as skin suspension, body immolation, sword swallowing, extreme pierced weightlifting and so much more. This is not for the faint of heart, for this is one of the most interesting, albeit horrifying shows your eyes will ever witness. A sight you will remember no doubt for as long as you live!

Psychopathic Radio


Psychopathic Radio is proud to present WOLFPAC’s podcast broadcasting live right at the Gathering! This legendary show has become a must-see each year, mainly because of the numerous, sexy and oh-so- scantily clad WOLFPAC girls who will flirt, laugh and dance their way right into your heart (not to mention spank bank). There will also be plenty of artist interviews, debauchery, inappropriate touching, ludicrous contests, hilarity, vomiting and gut wrenching moments. It’s all here and then some, so come join the madness, where if nothing else you will be entertained!    

Peep This Shit Stage


This stage is open to anybody and everybody who wants to perform in front of our Juggalo Family. There are two live mics, a dope sound system and a sound tech to make sure everything is up and running (music can be provided or you can bring your own). You can do whatever you want; rap, dance, recite poetry, do a comedy routine or whatever can be imagined. There are no restrictions and it’s all to the good. Just show up, wait for your time and then set the stage on fire!