Carousel Stage Lineup

After Dark Lineup

Da Mafia 6ix


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Recently joining with ICP to form the new super group known as The Killjoy Club and putting out their first release, The Reindeer Games, flipping many a wig throughout the Juggalo community, Da Mafia 6ix are one of the hardest, rawest, and most terrifying rap groups there ever was. They have been embraced by Juggalos because they represent what it is to be a true king of the underground music scene. They continually amaze us all with some of the dopest bangers ever heard as they continue to go 1000% when it comes to bringing it! Now they are going to set it off as they always do in what is widely regarded as one of the best live performances you will ever see.




King 810


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There is just no stopping this hardcore metal band as they continue to earn the respect of some of the most die-hard metal heads around the word. Their music tends to mirror their turbulent lives growing up in the violent town of Flint, MI, where frontman David Gunn was once stabbed and shot during a robbery. This is evident in some of their biggest hits, including “Killem All,” “War Outside,” and “Murder Murder Murder.” Their live shows are reported to be dangerous at times with out-of-control moshing causing destruction and ultimately leading to a stop to their music until order could be restored…all the while their fans would continue to sing their lyrics even after the music was cut. So come at your own risk, for these ninjas are as real as it gets and there is something about their music that brings out the most chaotically dark side of all who listen.






image084 If there can be only one…he would be it. This Suburban Noize Records rap demigod has proven his worth as a phenom in the underground music scene with a legacy that continues to grow only brighter throughout the years he has been holding it down. A tried and true Juggalo favorite and all-time amazing talent both on stage and in the studio, when he performs, all else at the Gathering will simply fade until there is only the brilliant all-encompassing light emitting from the center of his being, and the only sound you will hear besides the bass driven music and dope lyrical poetry form Madchild himself will be the screaming of excitement from yourself and all those around you!



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image070 From the South Bronx, New York, he was raised the hard way. He’s had to pay dues his entire life. He knows hardship and pain; he knows loss and disorder. And that is what makes his music so genuine and authentic. He’s not a studio project. He is absolutely the real fuckin’ deal. His music takes you right there with him. You can feel his struggles in every song. It’s like you’re actually walking with him through all his trials and tribulations. A lifelong Psychopathic Records ally, Myzery has seen the world. He’s a journeyman full of stories to tell. He can rock any crowd any time, but when he’s at home playing for a crowd of Juggalos? Fuckin’ forget about it!



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image062 Call it Horrorcore, call it the Wicked Shit, call it whatever you like. But true ninjas who love this style of dark and sinister music know that the artists that are believable in their music truly are the masters of their craft. “Are they really like that?” is the question people immediately ask after hearing the morbid music of Ho99o9. The answer…we truly don’t know! Nobody does. Fans are drawn to the unpredictable antics and creepy chaos of their live show as they can’t help but feel sucked into their psychotic sounds and violent visuals. This is not just a show, my friends, no…This is an experience of unprecedented Ho99o9!



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Ill Nino

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This Latin hardcore metal band which formed in New Jersey is composed of some of the greatest talents in rock including lead vocalist Christian Machado, drummer Dave Chavarri, bassist Lazaro “Laz” Pina, lead guitarist Ahrue Luster, guitarist Diego Verduzco, and percussionist Oscar Santiago. Together they form the band Ill Nino who continually perform at huge festivals and tours around the world including Ozzfest, the Jagermeister Music Tour, the Mayhem Rock Festival, and Spain’s Festimad Festival to name a few. Now for the first time they are here to bless the stage with their super aggressive rock bombardment that is sure to cause a Juggalo eruption of the best kind. This is a show you are not going to want to miss as you will see why (if you don’t already know) they are considered one of the greatest metal bands ever!




Nova Rockafeller


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For someone so young, Nova Rockafeller has lived through enough trials and adventures for three lifetimes. Canadian born and a resident of Jamaica for many years, Nova has channeled her many life challenges into her infectious and scrappy brand of hip hop that could only come from someone who’s been to hell and back. Now living in Los Angeles and a bona fide underground music sensation, Nova’s streetwise, take-no-shit attitude and flow will definitely blow your wig all the way back. And while she may be don’t wanna fuck with Nova Rockafeller. This is a woman who spent years on the tough streets and literally living in shopping malls while being homeless. She’s seen it all and done it all...except play at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Get ready to experience the deadly beauty and talent of Nova-fucking-Rockafeller.




Psychopathic Rydas


True gangsta's for real, OG's of the game and streets. How these choppers managed to escape the FBI’s gang list is beyond us. These masked G's straight from da streets of Detroit Muderderous (Bullet, Full Clip, Cell Block, Sawed Off, Lil Shank, Foe Foe and Yung Dirt) took a short break from the drive by's and gettin' dat cheddar to do the damn thang on the stage for the Family. Best believe when they start talkin' bout “biscuits” they ain’t talkin' bout a side dish and you'd best duk da fuk down if they start dumpin'. They have one of the most intense high powered live performances ever seen but you may want to strap on your bulletproof vest cause you never know when a stray bullet might leave the stage. Get ready to ride or die with your homies the...Psychopathic Rydas!





stiches Stitches may be one of the most mysterious figures in music today. Are the rumors really true about him being a cocaine drug lord out of Miami? We don’t know for sure but what we DO know is that the video to his YouTube hit “Brick In Yo Face” has reached almost 6 million views (13 million on and that he’s causing quite a rumbling in the hip hop underworld (or maybe that’s just the cocaine tremors kicking in). With his mouth fulla capped teeth, in-your-face delivery and a mean mug that could scare off Satan himself, you don’t wanna fuck with Stitches. But you will DEFINITELY want to check out his performance at this year’s Gathering, which is certain to be epic as fuck!  

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image074 Not many people on this massive planet of billions and billions can walk this earth and actually, truthfully claim to be the absolute best in the world at what they do. Well Twista can. He’s in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest rapper/talker alive. That is an amazing feat, especially in today’s day and age of high-speed choppers everywhere you turn, trying to out speed rap each other. Twista (short for Tongue Twista) has been around since the early nineties killing all competition with the flick of his tongue. Witness the world’s best, the fastest rapper on the planet, Chicago’s own Twista, as he shows all the choppers on earth how it’s done.



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Zug Izland Featuring DJ Clay



Mike P is the master producer of classic Psychopathic albums including Violent J’s The Wizard of the Hood and even ICP’s 6th Jokers Card The Wraith: Shangri-La. Mike P also writes the music for this incredible band. He can play any instrument, but when he plays the guitar, he can make Jimmy Hendrix and Jimmy Page hug each other and cry. Syn is the incredible lead singer. He’s been compared to Eddie Vedder and Scott Wieland. But he smokes them both on stage. And adding a crazy bass-bumping, crowd jumping element to this live show is the one and only DJ Clay! How much hyper can it get? It can’t! This is total rock devastation for Juggalos to enjoy.





image081 Like the cock of a hammer being pulled back on a 357 magnum, the anticipation of a Wolfpac performance can be both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. They are explosive and loud and possess a kick that can leave an exit wound in a crowd three times as big as the entrance. The super sexy and armed Wolfpac girls will also be flashing the crowd like the muzzle of an M16A2 on a dark night…lightening you up and causing your heart to pound as you look on in almost hypnotic wonderment. These guys bring an arsenal each and every time, so prepared to be blown away by firepower that is on par with a large navy seal team of commandos.



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Daytime Lineup

LSP Presents “50 Shades of Snuff”

50shadesofsnuff An underground hip hop super label of the highest order, the biggest artists of Lyrical Snuff Productions will assemble together on the Carousel stage to deliver a lethal dose of raw, underground, deadly flavor that will leave you a broken mass of quivering flesh. Showcasing the combined talents of Scum, Liquid Assassin, Smallz One, Dark Half and Insane Poetry, this syndicate of the underground will be presenting their show “50 Shades of Snuff,” a deadly medley of epic proportions. Wigs are guaranteed to be blown back when this take-no-prisoners rap quintet take control.  

Neurotic November

november This fierce band (recently on tour with Twiztid) has been causing bass driven shockwaves to reverberate deep beneath the underground music scene. They play as if dark ancient gods have infuse their souls with hell fire as they tempt your very salvation with sinister high-octane death metal that will drive you to euphoric levels of madness. So come join this Floridian based rock band as they continue to amaze the Juggalo world with seemingly otherworldly talents that will result in a musical explosion of epic proportions.  

Terror Universal

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This horror metal band is born from the darkest realms of the Nethervoid. Their vile instruments, crafted by demonic hands out of black jade, are tools of evil designed to inspire corruption of mind and spirit. They consist of former members of such legendary acts as Machine Head, Soulfly, and Ill Nino, but their mortal visage has since decayed, brought on by the dark influence of their current hosts. Be prepared to be blown away by the intensity of their music as they rain devastating sinister rock anthems on the crowd that will cause you to lose yourself in carnal joy as they devourer your sanity like a locust swarm consumes a field of corn.