JCW Stage Lineup

Bloodymania 9


This is the ultimate and climatic showdown of JCW champions! Soon they will enter the squared circle for the final time to determine who among them will emerge from the shower of spraying blood, the screams of the tortured souls and the onslaught of broken light tubes, swinging barbed wire bats and thumbtack littered canvases to be victorious on the grandest stage of all … Bloodymania! This is a contest of skill, brutality, and extreme punishment that will leave the crowd in utter awe. Come see the best of the best as they tear each other apart to find out who in the end will be able to strap the gold upon their waist while standing in a ring littered with the bloody corpses of their fallen opponents.


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Danny KAE


Who is Danny KAE
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You read about him in Violent J’s bestselling book “Behind the Paint,” where the Duke of the Wicked described this man as one of his biggest rap influences of all time. Every Detroit rapper, from Eminem to Kid Rock, has name-dropped this underground icon and cited him as an important part of the Motor’s City rich musical history. His name is Danny KAE…and he is acknowledged as the first Caucasian rapper to make a name for himself way back in the day in Detroit Murderous. His unorthodox and wholly original brand of rapping has never been equaled, and his status as an icon is undisputed. Yet he remains as mysterious and reclusive as he is legendary…but we have tracked him down to his current base of operations deep in the tundra of Alaska and are proud to make the following announcement: Danny KAE will be performing at the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos! Danny KAE has not performed on the US mainland in decades, making this truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! This is musical history in the making…and we are proud as fuck to be a part of it. The man. The myth. The legend himself….Danny KAE!  

Deadly Medley


This is almost too good to be true. This is the climatic and final performance at the Gathering, and it won’t disappoint. Not only will there be every Psychopathic Artist all sharing the stage at the same time but a couple of surprise celebrity artists as well. So join your family together under the stars and let the booming bass echo through the woods as you raise your voices high in this final celebration of life and all things Juggalo on a scale only achievable at the Gathering of the Juggalos! One love, ninjas!  

Exotic Ladies of Wrestling


These tightly-clothed vixens are as cruel as they are beautiful. They are tried and true worthy combatants of the ring who will win your heart as they tear, claw, punch and kick their way to victory. They can be soft and feminine at times, as they seduce the crowd with oozing sexual charisma, but don’t be fooled by their desirable demeanor or shapely bodies, for they will stop at nothing to destroy their opposition in their attempt to climb up the mountain of shattered foes to win the covenanted women’s JCW belt! Just make sure that when your fist excitedly pumps up and down as you watch these lovely beauties in the ring that it is above your head and not below your belt.



JCW Presents Oddball Brawl


There is no real way to describe what you will witness at JCW Oddball Brawl because these shows contain some of the most bizarre wrestlers on the planet competing in matches that where created by the farthest stretches of the human imagination. We’re talking about Cactus to the Nuts Triple Tag Scaffold Matches, Bloody Battle Anal Explosion Matches and everything in-between. Have you ever seen a group of small people take on a goliath weighing over 600 lbs? Well here is the place to satisfy all your twisted and dark horror fantasies all in one sitting. Prepare for wigs to be peeled and “holy shit” chants to ring through the air. This is not to be missed because it is the spectacle of all spectacles!


JCW Tryouts


This is where the mettle of a warrior is tested within the ropes to determine who amongst many shall rise to the top through the sacrifice of blood, sweat, and tears. This is a tough school hosted by some of the top JCW stars as they train anyone wishing to gain knowledge in the gladiatorial arts or simply wish to polish the skills they already possess. Here you can lean everything from simple holds to some of the most amazing high flying moves ever attempted. Prove yourself worthy in the ring and you will then qualify to perform in front of a live audience in a giant filmed battle royale during Bloodymaina 9! The more sessions you attend, the better your chances.