The list of freshness for the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos just keeps getting bigger! The complete lineup for the Wrestling events and the list of Parties are now posted at! The Party flavor includes...


  • Kuma’s Blacklight Ninja Smoke Party!
  • DJ Clay’s Horny Nutts and Big Butts Party!
  • DJ Hoppa's Funk Volume Massacre Party!


Meanwhile, over at the JCW Ring, peep THIS dopeness we've got planned...


  • JCW Tryouts!
  • Exotic Ladies of Wrestling!
  • JCW Presents Oddball Wrestling!
  • PlaqueGOTJ2015Bloodymania 9!


Finally, we're proud to reveal the Winner's Plaque, which will be awarded to the champions of many of the Competitions at this year's Gathering. CHECK IT OUT!