Side Shows

Side Shows

Big Silva Show


What goes up must come down and Big Silva is livin’ proof that the law of gravity is in full effect. He is a gigantic ball of pure duct tape rolled up into a mass of wanton destructive force who loves three things…cigarettes, Faygo and smashing objects into tiny bits. Watch with simple joy as Big Silva is raised high in the sky by a giant forklift as fragile, helpless objects lay underneath. Then when the crowd counts down “3…2….1….Whoop Whoop!” he will freefall with all his magnificent weightiness to an explosive end! If that weren’t enough, the fresh Juggalos from the Scrub Care Unit (SCU) along with your Psychopathic homies will be passin’ out bottled water and grilling up mad amounts of free hotdogs and hamburgers. Cause there ain’t no party like a Big Silva party! Click this link to learn more about the SCU and their dope cause.

Juggalo Night Court

nightcourtThis is where all beefs are squashed and all problems are solved at the barrel of a Faygo filled super soaker! If you have any kind of grievance at the Gathering, then bring all affected parties to this court to settle it once and for all. Judge High Bone will be presiding as you plead your case. The jury (and sometimes executioners) will be all Juggalos in attendance who will decide the victor. The winning party gets a Juggalo Night Court T-shirt while the main representative of the losing side must spin the dreaded Wheel of Bone to decide which of 13 random bones they will have to endure…now that’s Juggalo Justice!

Juggalo Wedding

weddingDearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Tiffany and Dip Set in a joyous occasion! Come witness this blessed union of our fellow Juggalo and Juggalette as they are united in marital bliss. Wipe back tears of joy as Tiffany walks down the aisle while being serenaded by a mystery band performing a classic love song well-known amongst our family. Being as this is a Gathering wedding, some of the traditions have changed so expect plenty of Faygo induced fun. Come join us in this celebration of Juggalo love.

Oddity Freak Show

oddityThis show is not for those with weak stomachs, faint hearts or gerbil bladders. Here you will see people submit their bodies to levels of pain and punishment that should not be humanly possible to survive. From skin suspensions, body immolation, skin piercing, fire eating, extreme pierced weightlifting, bed of nails, sword swallowing and much more. Your mind will spin as you have a hard time believing what your eyes see. This show is truly an amazingly wicked spectacle that is not to be missed!

Psychopathic Radio

radioThe Wolfpac gang is at it again with a plethora of sexy Wolfpac girls to bring you more onstage hijinks, more bizarre contest of physical prowess and more booty shaking then you could shake a dominatrix whip at. All the while they will be broadcasting live via Psychopathic Radio for all the Juggalos nationwide to dip in on. With plenty of guest celebrities stopping by all throughout the show this has become one of the all-time favorites of the Gathering each year. Booyah Son!

Peep This Shit Stage

peepThis small but dope stage is the perfect chance for ninjas to showcase their talent (rapping, signing, playing an instrument, dancing, etc.) If you have the confidence to take to the stage then we have two live mics, a sound system, a sound man and a platform for you to utilize (music can be provided or bring your own). What more do you need? All you have to do is show up to have your chance to perform before our Juggalo Family. It’s just that easy. That is until all eyes are on you!