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gotjbizz This is a strange, spiritually wonderful place that takes a page out of your wildest imaginings. Here the freaks come out at night in abundance, as they perform creative talents that border on the weird, metaphysical and spectacular. This is a place of drum circles, illusionists, tribal dancers, fire breathers, jugglers, slit walkers, fire performers and so much more. There are talents here that are tried and true and others that simply have to be seen to be believed. Come join them if you have something to share, as there is a place for everyone in Bizarro World; whether to perform or simply to enjoy the oddity of it all.  

Find the rarest, never for sale or out of print Psychopathic items at the prestigious Psychopathic Action! All items start at a low bid so here is your chance to walk away with a highly valuable treasure on the cheap. Last year was super crazy to say the least, as ninjas battled it out with fierce tenacity to claim their prize. For it takes someone with true nerves of steel to remain till the very end as the victor. All items have been donated either courtesy of the associated artist or acquired thru trade. 25% of the total money earned at this yearís auction will be donated to Mike Young; a Juggalo currently in need of help. If you wish to donate to his cause go to www.helphopelive.org and type in Mike Young under Find a Patient to donate.


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gotjfree Courtesy of PimpLights and Psychopathic Records you will find an entire standup arcade in the middle of the woods all set to free play for your enjoyment. Here you will find all the classics from Galaga to Miss Pacman along with some newer games including sit-down-style racing games of white knuckled excitement. Battle it out with friends or battle alien hoards alone on a quest to save humanity. This is the perfect place to chill for a moment and get your video game addiction fix.  
gotjrides Come enjoy these giant carnival rides glowing with multicolored brilliant lights as they spin, drop, and take you to dizzying heights high above the Gathering grounds. What better way to get your juices flowing then to allow yourself to be hurtled through the air at amazing speeds by these huge contraptions designed to titillate your adrenal gland. If you have any doubt where these free rides might be located just listen for the screaming and let it be your guide.  
gotjslides On a hot mid summerís day, this sounds almost too good to be true. What better way to stay cool then by taking the plunge on this giant 150í Slip n Slide placed on the side of a hill? Just dive forward and allow yourself to speedily slide to the bottom where you will abruptly come to a stop as you slash into a pool of refreshing water.  

Come meet some of your favorite artists up close and personal in this intimate setting where they talk about whatever they hell they want. Questions will be answered from the crowd and secrets will be revealed. Some of the biggest announcements in the Juggalo world have been made during these seminars and they are much talked about long after they are over. So donít miss your chance to witness a rare glimpse into the personal lives of these artists as they bare their souls for all to see.


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