JCW Stage Lineup


JCW Stage Lineup


This is monster mayhem at its best! See bizarre creatures battle it out in a miniature version of a downtown city street. This is so fresh that it’s hard to describe what you are actually going to witness with your amazed peepers.  If you like mass destruction, if you like giant killer monsters, if you like humorous antics, if you like loud overexaggerated special effects noises, if you like giant chickens…then my friend, you are going to love this! Don’t miss your intense dose of Kaiju Big Battle Wrestling!


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Beautiful as they are deadly, come see these curvaceous vixens as they attempt to pummel the shit out of one another for your sick and twisted amusement. With the fast and furious action during these matches you are bound to see plenty of T&A…hey that’s Teamwork and Action, get your mind out the gutter! These warriors of the female persuasion are ready to claw, punch, body slam, smash, jiggle and bounce all for your slack jawed entertainment. So come see what all the hype is about as you lay witness to amazing psychical skills combined with brutal savagery of amazon like proportions.




This is Juggalo wrestling at its bloody best. Come witness staple guns, thumbtacks, barbed wire and florescent light tubes used in ways their designers could never have fathomed. During a JCW match anything can—and probably will—happen. This is wholesale destruction with some of the most bloodthirsty and talented wrestlers alive ripping each other apart in the quest for that ever elusive gold. Do you have the stomach to witness such brutal atrocities committed on human flesh? Find out when you see just how far these gladiators are willing to go.


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The culmination of a year of gut wrenching savage action comes down to this climatic showdown where the best of the best step upon the blood soaked apron once more to prove their worth as they literally tear each other apart. When all the blood, sweat, and tears have been shed, only a few will be left standing to claim their spot amongst the winners circle, while only one will be able to claim the ultimate prize…the JCW World Heavyweight Belt! Come see the mega stars of wrestling battle to the bloody finish in this spectacular extravaganza that is sure to rise more than a few “Holy Shit” chants and result in more than a few nightmares when it’s all through and done.


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Here is your chance to step into the ring and be trained by some of JCW’s greats. Learn everything from performing basic lockups to how to properly execute a high flying off the top ropes finishing move. You don’t need any prior knowledge to attend and there are multiple well known mentors to train students at various levels. The top trainees who prove their mettle, ring presence and skill will then be chosen to compete in a battle royal match in either JCW’s Road to Bloodymania or Bloodymania 8! At least 18 ninjas will be chosen and the more tryouts you attend, the better your chances are of making the cut.