Carousel Stage Lineup


Carousel Stage Lineup


This supergroup composed of Danny Boy, Ill Bill and Slaine is as real as it gets. Straight from the streets of L.A., NYC and Boston they are renowned to be some of the hardest hitting lyricists in the game. Most recently working with Fat Beats Records they have set fire to the music scene with a powerful presence that has brought a truth back to hip hop that was sorely missed. The very name has resonated deep within the Juggalo world since its inception and now they are here along with DJ Eclipse to rock the stage as only they can! So give it up for the first time ever at the Gathering…La Coka Nostra!



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Yes! Fuck yes! These rapcore ninjas that combine a fusion of punk rock and gangsta rap are amongst the all-time favorites and comprise one of the most requested bands at the Gathering each year. They have one of the greatest live shows on the planet and simply put…bring it! Coming all the way from Huntington Beach, California when they go on, that is where you will want to be, flat out! We love these guys because they embrace the family in a way that few do and because they are some bad ass talented motherfuckers that are fucking awesome!


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Time seems to slow when this incredible Strange Music artist first takes to the stage as those in the crowd look on in eager anticipation. The clock ticks a second as the realization of what is about to happen begins to infuse the mind with energy. The clock tocks as his hand clenches the mic causing adrenalin to flow through the body pumped by a rapidly racing heart. The clock ticks and then stops as time seems to freeze causing the second hand to quiver in place…then there is an explosion of extreme chaos as time collapses in on itself with the witness of one of the most high energy, crowd jumping, shows on the planet causing all to be lost in a euphoric, timeless, musical bliss.  


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This Nashville rapper is no stranger to producing bangers, controversy or Waffle Houses. He is tried and true and as southern and smooth as all can be with a unique flow and accent that makes him one of the dopest rappers of our time. Pouring his heart into his music, his is a soul to bear making his music an authentic and fascinating glimpse into the trials and tribulations of his colorful life. He will move you to jump, he will move you to laugh and he will move you to tears…without question when you see him perform live, you will be moved.


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Controversial, unforgiving and dark as all can be, come two of the most hardcore horrorcore rappers to ever grace a mic. Beyond talented they possess the ability to both captivate and horrify at the same time (like watching a burning cow). They take music to a level seldom seen before and seemingly cross all lines in the process. Come join them, if you dare, as they plummet to the deepest bowels of the nethervoid as they take you on a wonderfully horrific journey to where no soul should ever roam.


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This Atlanta based rapper is never scared when it comes to producing great music…indeed he is fearless. Worth his weight in gold, his music has been heard in all corners of the world earning him a place amongst the legends. Joining him on stage are two underground artists who are making serious noise on the Juggalo scene with the release of such videos as D Money’s “Loud” and Michael Lee Warren’s “In My City”. You have heard them; you have seen their videos and now see them live! This is one performance that is sure to cause waves of flavor to emanate off the stage to deep within the Gathering grounds.

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