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August 7th – 11th in Cave-in-Rock, IL at The Hatchet Landings! The countdown to The 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos is in full effect and we can’t fuckin’ wait for this year! The Gathering Ninjas are diligently working to make this year absolutely mind blowing and are highlighting our favorite part of the previous Juggalo Gathering.

This year is The Rise of The Underground! Psychopathic Records has always been the label beneath the streets and throughout the years they have been joined by many fellow tunnel runners. People who do shit like they want to and say FUCK IT to the mainstream!

A partial list of names has been released to the public and so far? FUCKIN’ EPIC! We’re talkin’ about the Insane Clown Posse closing out Saturday night. You also got Anybody Killa, Big Hoodoo Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, Dark Lotus, Legz Diamond & The Purple Gang, Psychopathic Rydas, Twiztid, and Zug Izland.

That’s just the Hatchet Homies! We also got Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne, Swollen Members, Brotha Lynch Hung, Soulfly, Whitney Peyton, Mars, Myzery, Wolfpac, Bizzar, Kungfu Vampire, Blowfly, Lil Wyte, and Haystak!

There are plenty more devastating acts coming and there are also the staples of The Juggalo Gathering that you know and love, like the parties! This year we have some amazing spots for you to hit up and get down with your fellow Family! You can look forward to Kuma’s Black Light Blowout! Rude Boy’s Old School Juggalo Jam! DJ Clay’s Horny Nuts & Big Butts Party! Mike E. Clark’s Frothy Murder Mix Foam Party! And it’s not The Juggalo Gathering without Violent J’s Beach Boys BBQ Blow Out Bash Blast!

Or are you looking for something where you can flex your various skills and talents? How about the tattoo contest so you can display your dope ink! The Faygo Wet T-shirt contest where you can get your bounce on! The Neden Game gives you a chance to win a date with a very lucky ‘Lo or ‘Lette so you can get your game on Gathering style! The Miss Juggalette Pageant will find the chick who displays all the assets any fantastic Juggalette should possess. Grace, poise, elegance… and an amazing rack! 2 Tuff Tony’s Fishy Tournament will have you trying to hook yourself the biggest fish in Lake Hep, get lucky and you might find yourself that elusive iced out charm Shaggy 2 Dope lost in the water years ago! Put your poker face to the test with the Texas Holdem Tournament! If you’re one of those Ninjas into making costumes (we love seeing them at Hallowicked) bring them out to The Gathering so you can party your ass across the stage and compete for top honors in our costume Contest! If you’re a Juggalo Rapper or you know a Juggalo Rapper (we know you are/do) then the Flow Master Rap Battle is the place for you at The Juggalo Gathering! And finally when it comes to the contests, they’ve got the Faygo Launching Contest! Think you got the skills to compete in any of these? PROVE IT and bring your ass to The Gathering of the Juggalos!

Is that all a little much for you? Would you prefer to sit and chill while watching someone else do all the work of entertaining you? No problem! Our sideshows have got you covered. Events like Ladies Oil Wrestling where slippery nippled bitches will be slidin all over while they try to pin each other to the mat! The Mad Magician and his jaw dropping bag of tricks! The Human Oddity Freakshow will make you cringe and Hypno Harry will make you forget all about it! There is also the BIG SILVA SHOW, the most famous duct tape in the world! The return of the The Peep This Shit stage where anyone and everyone can get their fifteen minutes of fame! The sky diving show (whether it goes off without a hitch or not it’s still going to be entertaining as fuck)! And, by popular demand, we’re bringin’ back Juggalo Night Court!

If you’re looking for something more ferocious then we suggest WRESTLING! Wresting is always a must at The Gathering of the Juggalos and this year is no different! And since it is such a big part of our family reunion there is a big variety so there’s something for everyone! There’s the Kaiju Big Battle wrestling and Ladies Exotic Wrestling! But you know the tried and true motha fuckos of JCW will be there, too! Not only will you be able to see them wrestle but you can even try-out with them and see if you make the cut! Of course, everything wrestling related is only building up to the greatest JCW event of the year, the centerpiece of Sunday at The Gathering… Bloodymania 7!

And if you still manage to find some free time in the middle of all that you can watch Psychopathic Radio broadcast live from The Gathering of the Juggalos! Peep out the legendary Hog Daddy’s Hellfire, a massive fireball that burns a hole right into the sky! Leave your tag at the Juggalo Wall of Fame! Become a Human Slingshot in the Bungee Rocket! Win yourself a prize in from the midway games (with authentic carnies)! Make yourself sick to your stomach in the Moon Bounce! Get your face air brush painted professionally! Have your future told by the Fortune Teller (or maybe she can tell you where you left your keys)! Relax in the cool waters of Lake Hepatitis (you won’t catch anything from swimming in the lake… we’re 93% sure)! Hit up the free carnival rides! Meet the artists at autograph signings and seminars! And making its return… the absolutely amazing, unable to be duplicated, mouth watering, pants tightening, panty dropping PSYCHOPATHIC AUCTION!

There is going to be tons of shit to keep you busy between August 7th – 11th. Sleep is overrated when it comes to The Gathering of the Juggalos! Want a full rundown of everything you can expect to see at The Juggalo Gathering? SOON, HOMIES. Sooner than you think that shit will be comin’ in the best way possible. You know what we’re talkin’ about!

Tickets as well as the brand new second stage Big Balla campsites, car passes, RV/trailer passes, and combo packs are available on juggalogathering.com! Get yours so you’re ready to hit Cave-in-Rock, IL  from August 7th – 11th for The 14th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos!