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Camping Info

It's all about camping! Your campsite will be your home away from home for the next few days and there are very few restrictions on what you can and cannot do to make it fresh for you!

Any vehicles on campsites must have appropriate hang tags. Tents or vehicles must be located at least fifteen feet (an average car length) from any other tent, car, campfire, structure, or tree in any direction. But the most important guideline is to be respectful of your neighbors and to make sure that your fun is not impeding on their fun.

The Gathering staff reserves the right to have any tent, car, camper, or campfire moved at any time to handle disputes or emergencies. All camp spaces are first come, first served.

There is no camping out days before The Gathering of Juggalos. If you decide to, we will have to ask you to leave and return when the event starts. This causes major problems with the County and Hog Rock. If we want to be able to throw this fucking sweet ass party next year we have to keep the roads clear.