2008 Gathering of the Juggalos


Last Updated: August 02, 2008

thumbnailThis Just In!

August 02, 2008

SPECIAL BULLETIN: Juggalos from all over the world are migrating in waves toward a remote location in Southern Illinois...

Bringing you all the details on this developing story are your Hatchet Action News hosts, Guy Gorfey and Fats Pepper:

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thumbnailDetroit In the House

August 01, 2008

You know Psychopathic's got love for our hometown, the Dirty D. This year we're takin Detroit with us down to Cave-In-Rock, and reppin it hard! Here's a few Detroit-reppin performers and events:


There’s a reason why Esham is the Godfather of the Wicked Shit. He started this movement when he was just a teenager, and he ain’t stopped workin since. What makes him great? It’s partly his talent, partly his attitude, and partly the fact that he lives as wicked as he rap, but it’s ALL comin together when he performs at the Gathering.


Bizarre’s name almost says it all. He’s a nut, a talent, and a unique voice for everyone who’s different. He’s comin to the Gathering representing both Detroit and his love for Juggalos, inspired by the family vibe he’s discovered working alongside Twiztid and DJ Clay in the Lotus Pod. There’s nothing quite like Bizarre, and he’s doing his best to earn some Juggalo love, so don’t miss this ground-breaking performance!

Awesome Dre

If you think you know rap, then you better know Detroit. If you know Detroit, then you know Awesome Dre. This guy was Detroit rap when rap was breaking, and he’s comin to show Juggalos what he learned while touring with heavy hitters like Public Enemy back in the day, and show off the skills that make him one of Violent J’s biggest influences!

Detroit Rap 101 Seminar

They’re takin it back to the old school, and they’re gonna school ya, but this fresh Seminar won’t be anything like school! This is a one of a kind chance to learn about the history of rap music, and the flavor that came out of Detroit, from (at least) two genuine originators! Awesome Dre and Esham are the head of this class, and they’re tellin you the real history of Detroit Rap, they way they lived it on the streets. Detroit Rap is a favorite subject of Psychopathic Records, so expect special guests!

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thumbnailTimelines, Travel Cards, and Telephones

July 30, 2008

We've just added a boatload of flavor all throughout this site, enough to fill up and Ohio River pirate ship! (We haven't seen any yet, but we know they're there!) So peep around with your wig strapped tight, making sure not to miss the complete Timeline and new Map (now with fresh districts!) in the Schedule section. Now on to a bit a nitty gritty...

The super-fresh $150 Gathering Travel Card Offer will be cut off on Monday, August 4th, and will not be available to any orders at Will Call, or with any tickets purchased at the Box Office. There won't be any Travel Cards available at Will Call or Box Office at all, so please don't ask, or you'll get the bone! So that means you only get the hookup if you place your order in time to get it shipped. Hurry up ninjas, get your homies together and get that money!

Finally, we know all you ninjas who submitted to the Open Mic are waiting patiently to find out if you'll be gracing a stage, but there's just so many submissions to peep, we're still going thru them. So give us just a day or two more. We promise all Open Mic Performers will be contacted this week

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thumbnailLooking Around the World

July 29, 2008

This is a very special announcement, Juggalos. We're looking for some ninjas who are making the ultimate journey to the Gathering this year. We mean ninjas who are coming from other countries, by boats, planes, trains, or ridiculously long drives. We mean even farther than Canada or California, we're lookin for those really determined ninjas bravin pirates and terrorists and shit. Please send us an email with your contact info, including name, address, and phone number, plus a detailed description of your travel plans. Like how you're getting there, when, and who with. Send it to [email protected]. You just might hear from us if you do...

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thumbnailTicket Deets

July 28, 2008

Rumor has it that some of you still haven't bought your tickets yet! Well we know money's tight right now, and ninjas need time to plan. So here's some details that will help you figure out how you can still get a ticket into your hands.

the two biggest things you'll want to know are this:

1) Tickets will be available to buy at The Gathering, at the Box Office near the entrance (cash, credit, or money order only).
2) Will Call and Box Office will be open and avaialble on Wednesday, August 6th, at 2PM.

That means anyone picking up tickets at Will Call, whether they ordered them, won them, or they're in a band that's performing, can come get their tickets at the Gathering entrance (a Will Call area will be set up) from 2PM til 10PM on Wednesday before the Gathering starts. Your tickets will be given to you, but you may not enter Hatchet Landings until The Gathering starts the next day (Thurs) at 8AM. You can park in the Early Bird lot across the street if you need to. In an effort to help things run smoother, Will Call will be near the entrance on both Wednesday AND Thursday, (not at the Info Tent) so if you need Will Call, look for it before you try to pull into the main Parking Lot, or into the camping areas.

Shipping Info for Online or Mail Orders

First off, today was the last day to mail in money orders. If you were planning to pay with a money order do not mail it in after today. You can use your money order to buy tickets at the Box Office when you ge there. Tickets at the Gathering are $150 apiece, no more than they are any other way.

After Thursday, July 31st, standard mail shipping will not be available. Any orders placed after that will have to be overnighted, or they might not get to you in time. Overnight shipping will cost more.

After Sunday, August 3rd, Shipping overnight will no longer be available. Any tickets ordered online after August 3rd will be placed on Will Call. To pick up tickets at Will Call, you must have a printout of your order, and the ID of the person who paid for the order, or a photocopy of that ID. If you are not the person who paid for the order, you must have their ID or a photocopy of it.

After Monday, August 4th, shipping of tickets will not be an option. You may buy tickets to the Gathering at the Box Office starting Wednesday from 2-10PM, and then from Thursday at 8AM right up until The Gathering ends Sunday night (24 hours a day).

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thumbnailGet Your Rock On!

July 26, 2008

We all know the Gathering is THE home of underground hip-hop, and it owns the Wicked Shit, but we also know that alot of you like to throw up some devil horns and headbang. This post is about some of the guitar grinding rock you'll be able to check out this year.

Zug Izland

That's right, the biggest, best wicked rock band is back again! These Toxic Rockers never let the Juggalos down, and their show gets crazier every time they debase the stage. We swear that Syn climbs a little higher every show, and one of these days he's just gonna be flyin over the audience's heads. When you hear that sound like a million angry lawnmowers singing hymns, you'll know Zug Izland are about to let loose.


We're bettin that when you aren't out Chicken Huntin or Cat Peelin, you're sittin in from of a TV, controller in hand, gettin your game on. We're bettin when we say words like Mario. or Zelda, or Tetris, you can picture those 8-bit pixels, and hear all those classic video game themes playin thru your dome. Now get that head to bangin, and imagine all those themes cranked up past eleven, and rockin out from the stage at the Gathering. Add in crazy costumes, confetti, and an all out party complete with down-ass Juggalettes puttin on a sexy show, and you got an idea what to expect from Powerglove. Actually, stop imagining. You just can't expect this level of devastation.

And that ain't all, you'll also be able to rock out with your socks out to these bands as well:

Andrew W.K.
Primer 55
Motown Rage
Drainage X
Menace 2 Sobriety
and Thirty 3 Threes!

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