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Last Updated: July 21, 2004

Welcome to JuggaloGathering.com, the 5th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos 2004 official website! If you're looking for news on the Gathering, you've come to the right place! If you are wondering what the Gathering of the Juggalos is, you'd probably want to start by reading our Welcome page, but for everyone else, here's what's new with this year's Gathering of the Juggalos!

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Much Clown Love...

July 21, 2004

We'd like to thank all of the Juggalos and Juggalettes that attended this year's Gathering of the Juggalos. This year's Gathering was one of the most memorable, freshest Gatherings ever, and y'all are the people that helped make that happen. Check back sometime next week, because we'll have pictures up from the events that went down last weekend. And don't think we're done... we're gonna take a little break, but we're going to work soon for next year's Gathering! For now, though, much love goes out to all the Juggalos who made it all worthwhile for us by letting us know how much you enjoyed the Gathering.

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One Day Until the Gathering!

July 14, 2004

Man, we know that y'all can't wait to get to the Gathering, and you're not the only ones! With the start less than 24 hours away, we just wanted to get some last minute info to you--for those of you who haven't left yet. Now one thing is that the Gathering is open at 10 AM. Now, the opening ceremonies aren't until 10 PM. That's a good twelve hours for everyone to get set up and settled in at the Gathering. Now it's cool and all if you want to get there right when the gates open, but we just don't want people crowded around the parking lot entrance late tonight, y'know? It won't do anybody any good for your Gathering to get shut down before it even gets a chance to begin. We figure that this year, it'll take an hour or so to park, hop on the bus, head over to the campgrounds, and get settled in at the Crystal Forest. So there's plenty of time to show up whenever ya want throughout the day, meet with some people, and just chill. See ya at the opening ceremonies!

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Just a Reminder...

July 11, 2004

Hey, we know it's just a few days until the Gathering. We can't wait for it to start... but we just wanted to remind everyone to keep the party at the Crystal Forest. We've got the setup for the parking lot and the buses improved over last year, so for those of you who were there last year, it'll be quicker and smoother. So if you're planning on getting live, do it at the campgrounds, and not the parking lot. See y'all in a few days!

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JCW Rockin' the Gathering

July 07, 2004

Just in case you thought we wouldn't have any fresh announcements this close to the Gathering, staple your scalps down cuz we have some wig-flipping flavor to reveal! The Rude Boy has been freakin' the booking biz as hard as he freaks the ring, and he's got some major league talent for this year's JCW matches! These are the names we have 100% locked down:

  • Jerry "The King" Lawler-all the history and experience that comes with being "The King" sweeps into the JCW stage with this current WWE superstar!
  • Terry Funk-icon of hardcore wrestling!
  • Dusty Rhodes-former NWA world champion!
  • Sabu-Juggalo favorite and former JCW Champion!
  • Kid Kash-current TNA star!
  • Monty Brown-current TNA star!
  • Lenny Lane-former WCW TV champion!
  • Nosawa-current JCW champion and TNA star!

Plus you'll see all the JCW classics: Madman Pondo, 2 Tuff Tony, Necro Butcher, Bryar Wellington, and more!

This final bit of news may come as a shock to some of you, and will sadden many others, but here it is: The Gathering of the Juggalos 2004 will be the final wrestling performance of our own Rude Boy! That's right, after an illustrious and blood-spattered career in wrestling, Rudy has decided to retire from the ring and focus his talents on other things-like getting fresh wrestlers for JCW! But this is it Juggalos, your last chance to sit ringside and see the Rude Boy in action, and rumor has it he's taking on one of the superstars he's brought in this year for a one-time-only Gathering-exclusive Retirement Rumble! This is your last chance to come and root for the Rude Boy, so don't miss it!!!!!

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Deadline for Shipping Tickets - Wednesday

June 28, 2004

Okay... Now we know that there's still a few of you out there that haven't bought your tickets yet, and that's cool. Honest. But we're letting you know that if you want your tickets shipped out, June 30 is the last day for that. At 7PM EST or so, we'll take all the orders placed at that point, and those'll be the last of the orders to get shipped out. Everything placed after that will be on the original Ticket Reservation System, which means that you'll be able to pick up the ticket at the parking lot of the Gathering. If you're in that category, make sure you've got your ID and a copy of the confirmation email. (If you don't have your confirmation email, don't panic--we'll send those out to everyone who needs one sometime this week.)

For those of you who haven't received your tickets yet, if you ordered from a P.O. Box and didn't have a street address listed with your order, because of the difficulty with UPS shipping to a P.O. Box, these tickets are being placed on the Ticket Reservation System, as well. We'll try and send out e-mails with that message, or if you believe you put a P.O. Box as your billing address and want to confirm that you fall into that category, you can always call the customer service line at 248.426.0115 between 11AM-7PM EST, M-F. Everything else that was ordered before June 22, though, has been shipped as of today. So don't delay... Get your ticket to the Juggalo event of the year today!

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Retail Locations for GotJ Tickets

June 21, 2004

Hey, we've got a twist on Gathering tickets that we wanted to get out to y'all. For anyone that just wants to head out to a local store and pick up a ticket for this year's Gathering of the Juggalos, we've made some arrangements and are now pleased to present a list of retail locations where you can go out and buy a ticket! The stores should all have those stocked as I'm typing this, so for people in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or New York that are still debating whether they're hitting up the Gathering, now once you decide that four days partying with your fellow Juggalos and all the Psychopathic artists is worth your time, you can just hit up the store and get everything you'll need right there!

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Tickets are Being Shipped!

June 15, 2004

As was said on ICP's website, tickets have begun shipping. It sounds like people are starting to receive them, so here's the low down on whose tickets have been shipped, why, and how long the rest of you will have to wait.

Orders that were placed after we announced that tickets were being shipped rather than picked up at the gate, from that announcement date (4/26) until a couple of weeks ago have been shipped, since people had prior warning that the billing address had to be correct on those. Campsites have been shipped, sans tickets, because people have been hollerin' for those. All other orders that have been placed up until yesterday or so should get shipped out early next week, so sometime by next week Friday (give or take a couple of business days) everybody should have their tickets. Any tickets placed from today or so up until June 30 will be shipped out during the first week of July or sooner. As always, if there's any problems, please use the contact form.

If you're looking at the wristband, you'll see that there's something looking high-tech inside of them. That's the RFID tag. This is strictly for knowing that a wristband was, in fact, shipped out by us. As a quick privacy statement, there's no personal information associated with any wristband. People'll be checking those at random times solely to make sure the wristband is legit. They're pretty durable--so far, we've left one outside over the weekend, soaked one in Faygo, crinkled and flattened another, and all of them still work just fine, so they'll take almost anything people can dish out at the Gathering. You might not want to put it on too soon before the Gathering, though, because they're designed not to come off, and we ain't gonna be too sympathetic if your band is taped together.

And if you haven't noticed yet, the timeline is now up (the link in the top-right of the website works). Check out where and when the flavor's happening!

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Gathering Ticket Update

June 08, 2004

I know there's some of you Juggalos out there who are putting off buying your Gathering tickets until the last minute possible. For those of you who fall into that category--What are you waiting for? Have you checked out everything on this site lately? Not only is there the usual extensive list of Psychopathic and guest artists getting ready to peel your wig, but there's so much damn flavor planned for the Gathering that events are going at every single hour of the day, whether it's 4PM or 4AM! There's concerts, contests, shows, and just so much flavor that it ain't even worth listing it all here--it's all on the site.

Now if, even with all the benefits listed, even with all the other 'los and 'lettes you know saying how dope it's gonna be, even with all that, you've still been waiting--just know that the last day to purchase Gathering tickets and get them shipped straight to your house is June 30, at 7PM our time (EST). After that, if you wait that long to buy your tickets, you'll have to pick 'em up at the Gathering, instead of walking in with no restrictions, all smooth. The guys runnin' this year's Gathering are working nonstop on making this the best Gathering yet. So if you want to be able to walk straight in Thursday morning and start enjoying all the flavor the Gathering has to offer, pick those tickets up today!

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Ticket Status Change

June 05, 2004

For those of you who ordered your tickets before the system got switched up, we've sent out an email that you should've received a little before this post went up. If you've moved since placing your order, or you don't want the tickets sent to the billing address listed with your order, the email has a link you'll need to follow, as well as more details about what to do. If you have any questions, just hit up the contact form and send 'em in.

Tickets will start to be shipped out in a week or so, and everything will be shipped within the next 2-3 weeks, at the latest. For each ticket ordered, you'll receive:
1 Amulet (w/ball chain)
1 Wristband

For a campsite, you will receive:
1 Campsite certificate
1 Parking sticker
10 Campsite wristbands

Remember, you'll need both an amulet and wristband to get in. The wristbands themselves have RFID technology built into them, so if you're thinking about faking the funk, you better think again! Everything'll be in the mail in the next few weeks, and then you'll have what you need to fully enjoy this year's Gathering of the Juggalos!

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The Psychopathic Raffle

May 28, 2004

We've had a few questions asking what exactly the Psychopathic Raffle is, so it's time to fill y'all in on the flavor. Rather than previous years, where the highest bidder took home the prize, we've flipped the script for 2004. Now, you have a chance to win with just that sweaty wad of singles chillin' in your pocket. You'll be able to see all the items on display that are available to be won, and if you see an item that you're interested in owning, all you have to do is buy a raffle ticket. Winners will be drawn fairly and randomly from all of the tickets sold. Each ticket you purchase will increase your odds of winning, and as always, a percentage of the money will be donated to charity. So this year, everyone has a chance of owning a part of the Psychopathic legacy!

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