Gathering of the Juggalos 2003

Gathering Answers

Whut up Juggalos!!! Here we are again, standing on the threshold of another epic Gathering of the Juggalos! I have to admit I have been so wrapped up on getting all the flavor ready that I have over looked the fact that ninjas have a lot of concerns about the new outdoor Gathering. So I have set up this interview in the hopes that I can answer a lot of your concerns. Keep in mind, that when the programs and tickets are sent (which will be very soon) all of the important information will be given as the program is very detailed. The reason it has took so long to send them out is because changes did have to be made to the Gathering based on the Law. A lot of rumors have been flying around because ninjas heard me and Alex have been going to town meetings. I want to set the record straight that those meetings were just to address the concerns of the township and show respect to them for allowing us to host the Gathering in their very homes. Sure they had concerns, but we have met them and everything is good. This Gathering will be no different then any other Gathering besides the all new flavor of being outdoors. Now we only have to show them the truth, that we are a family and as a family can come into their town and show respect while haveing a good ass time.

One of the main questions I have received is about the tickets being sold out. I feel that ninjas have been given more then enough time to get their tickets but I understand that some ninjas had difficulties. So, because of this, I pulled mad tactics, and went through my own personal hell, and arranged for 500 more tickets to go on sale for the Johnny-come-latelys (limit 2 per credit card). Also, due to declined credit cards from the original campsite sale, we've got 27 more campsites for sale (limit 1 per credit card). These will be available only on on June 13th at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time (that's Friday the 13th suckas.) This will be your last chance for tickets (believe that) so don't be late and get caught cryin' with those swollen tender eyes.

Now on to the questions...

From: Toodles
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: 2 Camp Sites questions

Question: 1.i heard about the camp site situation, where the people who bought $200 ones are being refunded $100 and are only allowed to have 10 people stay. We originally had exactly 20 people staying at our camp site. My question is - Where are the other 10 going to stay? i feel that its kinda of shady to tell 10 of our good friends that they have to stay in the woods. 2.And since there are only allowed to be 10 people per camp site, does that mean 10 people SLEEPING there or is it 10 people at ALL times? Cuz we may have people chillin at our site but not staying the night.

Answer: When we first put the campsites up for sale we were told that according to the law any number of people could stay at a campsite and that there was no limit. Since then we have learned that there is a limit based on health concerns and that 20 people per site was not going to work. I apologize for this directly as this being our first ever-outdoor gathering we are still learning as we go. This does not mean you can't have more then ten people visiting your site. The main concern lies with people sleeping at your site. When you get your campsite ticket you will also be given ten wristbands to distribute amongst your campers, these are so the inspectors can verify who is allowed to sleep at any given campsite. To compensate for this inconvenience we are going to send a $100 check to each double site holder that will come when you receive your program. Also those you ordered double sites will still receive the bigger 40' x 40' site.

It is totally not aloud for ninjas to "sleep in the woods" or pitch a tent in the Parking Lot or anywhere outside the Crystal Forest outside of a campsite and security will be looking for this. However there is a Hospitality Area (located in the Crystal Forest) with a huge tent for ninjas to get in the shade and rest on cot for a minuet and to drink cool water, since this is a 24-hour event. I strongly suggest that ninjas use that $100 to help in securing a hotel room for the weekend or whatever other tactics you gotta do. Again I apologize for this bone. If it didn't take so long for me to find the ideal place to hold the Gathering this year I would have had more time to figure these things out.

From: Juggalo Nick Johnston
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: 24 hours of what?

Question: what up jumpsteady?
what I am curious bout if this will be a 24 hour concert, who or what will fill up this 24 hour time slot? What can us juggalos that are going to the gathering look forward to? Thanx for takin time toread my email. MMMFL!i!i!i!

Answer: Concerts run each night from around 7pm to 11pm and then afterwards their will be Psychopathic after-parties at the main stage hosted by a live DJ every night going until 4am. Their will also be autograph signings going till 4am and outdoor Psychopathic related movies being shown on a giant 20'x20' (super huge) outdoor screen running all night long. Also the chill area, connivance store, Information Tent, hospitality area, basketball court, showers, promotional tent, bag check, Juggalo Wall of Fame, volleyball court and the snack area will all be open 24 hours a day.

From: Kevin Gill
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Adult Beverages

Question: Hey Man,What's the deal with "Adult Beverages" at the gathering? Are they sold on site? Is it legal to possess them and consume them on site if your over 21?MCLKev.

Answer: Alcohol will not be sold on at the site at all. You are aloud however to bring your own alcohol in if you are over 21 as long as its not an excessive amount of alcohol or in glass bottles. In other words, you are aloud to bring in your own personal supply of alcohol but if it appears that your bringing in a ton of alcohol for large parties or to distribute, you will be turned away. Absolutely no underage drinking is allowed as well.

From: Karnie
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: After the Gathering?

Question: Whats up ninja, i was wondering, after the gathering is over, will they let any juggalo or juggalette that wants to, stay and help get the park back to normal, from like cleaning up the restrooms to picking up trash??thanks and much family luv!

Answer: That's mad fresh that you would offer to help out with the clean up, but we have a professional cleaning crew coming in to clean up the trash when it is all over. Everyone will need to be out of the park at 12noon on Monday so that these ninjas can get to work and we can complete tearing down. It would be cool however if ninjas tried to use the trash cans located throughout the Crystal Forest as much as possible. This will help maintain a good living condition for us all. If anyone would like to help with the clean up while the Gathering is going on you could go to the Volunteer tent and sign up.

From: ShortyJuggalette
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Any extras not allowed?

Question: I heard that some of the activities for the Gathering might have to be taken off in order to have it there in the park, Like the female mud wrestling and the Faygo Armageddon.Will ANY be taken off at all or will everything go as planned?

Answer: Nobody has restricted any events from going on, however some events have been taken off because logistically it was determined to be way to difficult to put them on. Unfortunately Female Mud Wrestling was one of them. As always the list that was put up on our website was a pulmonary list subject to change. However as far as I can remember I think that Female Mud Wrestling was the only thing taken off, but you will also notice when you get your program that things have also been added, like the concert Thursday Night.

From: Amy
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: arrival time

Question: My friend and I won't be arriving to the gathering until Saturday evening so I was wondering if there was any kind of check point type thing that we'd be missing or if no matter what day you first arrive you just present your tickets and it's all good?

Answer: You can arrive on any day you want, the security will be checking for passes 24-hours a day at the front gate and the parking lot entrance (as well as to participate in any event or to enter any tent.)

From: Scetch
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: bathroom facilities

Question: are there going to be anywhere to take showers or shave or shit like that other than in the lake.(I mean, if I gotta, I'm down, just wondering tho) and will there be port a johns in all the campsites or just in the main areas

Answer: Their will be plenty of Porta-Johns and fixed bathroom facilities (without running water) located throughout the Crystal Forest and in all the different Camp Districts. We are bringing in shower trailers filled with private shower stalls for everyone to take showers 24-hours a day. Showering in the lake is not allowed at all and plenty of life guards will be on duty to insure this doesn't happen. You should bring a mirror and shave at your campsite.

From: Ryan Jones aka JuggaloR
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Blaze

Question: So is Blaze still going to be at the gathering????

Answer: Yes Blaze will be there in full effect, he has mad love for his Juggalo Family.

From: jason lemens
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: cameras at the event

Question: i know disposable cameras ore ok, but for outside the concert (the cliff i will be diving off of for example) will it be ok to have camcorders.

Answer: The main thing we don't want is ninjas filming the concerts and that's mainly why we restrict camcorders each year. As long as you keep the cameras away from the Main Stage, Seminar Stage and Wrestling Stage you should be fine. Were not searching people's bags on the way in, so ninjas will have them regardless. Just keep them away from the stages as filming of any of the contests, seminars or shows will not be allowed. Ninjas caught filming the stage events will be evicted from the Gathering and their film confiscated.

From: ABKjuggalo4life
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Campers, RV, Vans

Question: Is there a special section for us los and lettes coming in rv's I know there are no hook ups but we just dont want to haul a trailer all the way out there and find out that there is no room for us anywhere. Thanks for the help can't wait till the gathering

Answer: If you have a RV you can park it at a campsite but no tents can be set up or additional cars parked there, only one RV is allowed per site. You can also park RV's in the Parking Lot along with all the other vehicles.

From: juggalettewoutwings
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Campsite dropoffs

Question: Will the park be allowing cars to come in and drop stuff off at the campsites or is the park only limited to the cars that have the parking permit?

Answer: Everyone who has bought a campsite will be given one parking pass (which is a sticker.) Only the cars with parking passes will be allowed into the Crystal Forest where they can be parked at their campsite. These parking passes must be stuck to the inside of the driver's side window. I suggest that you pack everything you need for your campsite into that one car. Under no reason will any other car be allowed into the Crystal Forest so please do not even try. Also ninjas should carpool as much as possible as the less cars driving around the better it will be for everyone.

From: AM Rayn
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: campsite utilities

Question: Will there be electrical outlets on the campsites? What about running water, or atleast in a public area of the campground? Just wondering what sort of camping I should pack for.

Answer: All of the campsites are all natural, which means no electricity or running water. They do however come with a fire-pit and a trashcan (trash will be dumped daily.) There are water tanks located throughout the Crystal Forest that are primarily used for free drinking water but can also be utilized for cooking water. There is also a Hospitality Area that is a public area where ninjas can hang out and sit in the shade under the large tent located there.

From: Chrissy
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: events

Question: With all the events taking place during the day, which of them cost extra money and how much are we talking? I want 2 know how much money I should bring with me.

Answer: Every event is already paid for by the one time cost of your Gathering ticket. Everything from the concerts to the paintball is already covered, your only additional costs come from food, merchandise and accommodations you arrange. Even things like the bag check and parking are free of charge.

From: D12isBad
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Facilities at the campgrounds

Question: First off whats up Jumpsteady. Havent seen ya since you did the Release Party down here in Ft Lauderdale. I just wanted to know if the campgrounds has availabl ATM machines and pay phones. And overall what are the sanitary facilities ,like showers and bathrooms, going to be like? Peace and MJL.

Answer: There will be an ATM machine located by the Information Tent and one payphone located by the main entrance. It would be a good idea to bring cell phones and/or personal communicators to get a hold of your friends with.

From: Gazz
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Foreign juggalos

Question: As some of us are travelling 5,000 miles for the GOTJ and want to be there for the morning of the 17th for it starting, we have booked flights that arrive in Cleveland on the 16th. Is it possible for us to gain access to the campsites on the evening of the 16th?MCLGazz

Answer: Under no circumstances will anyone be aloud to show up before Thursday July 17th at 8am in the morning. I am personally asking ninjas to do everything in their power to not show up before then as you will not be let in or be aloud to line up on the street. On Thursday the events are kept light on purpose to make this kinda like a set up day, things don't really get started till around 7pm that night so ninjas don't have to feel like they need to push to get in. The events their are on Thursday don't even start until 11am. If ninjas do show up early it's going to cause problems. Not only that but I have been told that for every event held at the Crystal Forest the local cops are always on the prowl around the area setting up speed traps and pulling over vehicles that are milling around. For your own benefit do not show up before 8am on Thursday! When you do show up watch your speed as you get closer to the park.

From: TSKJuggalo
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Gathering

Question: I've heard that this is gonna be the last offical Gathering?

Answer: That is some bullshit rumor that has been flying around and completely not true. As long as there are Juggalos who want to experience the magic of the Gathering, we will do everything in our power to make it happen. However, everyone should do their part to keep the few bad seeds that there are in check so that the Gathering doesn't get a bad name.

From: johnny casketz
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: gathering

Question: i want to know if we can have back packs in the event areas? cause its gonna be hotter than satans anus and im not staying at a camp site so i want a place for water,camrea, bug spray etc. whats the 411?

Answer: Yes bags of all kinds will be allowed in all areas and on the shuttle buses.

Email Address: [email protected]


Answer: Brother, that was just the hand we got dealt. Believe me when I say its got nothing to do with us. Dose anyone honestly believe that we want to turn Juggalos away? Does that make any since at all, hell no. It's like I have explained before in other interviews, some of our business cannot be put out in the open because it would be bad to do so and this is one of those circumstances. Believe me when I say I have tried everything in my power to find a perfect place for the gathering this year and the Crystal Forest just so happens to be that place, but it dose have its limitations. Be thankful for what we have because it is an awesome place and I truly feel everyone had a decent amount of time to get tickets and its because of your concerns we have managed to get 500 more tickets approved. We have done everything in our power with the hand we were dealt, believe me.

From: Garret Jeddeloh
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Gathering of the Juggalos

Question: Jumpsteady,can you give us juggalos a complete list of all the merchandise that will be at the Gathering? it would be really tight if you could include pictures

Answer: N-Cubed just told me he is currently working on that and will have it up no later then the end of next week but I don't think pictures will be included.

From: kimberley rossman
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: gathering question

Question: is there anything you will not be allowed to bring to the gathering?

Answer: Yes the following list is taken right from the Program, you can disregard the video camcorder part, just keep them away from the stages....

Restricted Things (Visual inspections of all cars entering The Crystal Forest and Parking Lot will be made.):
* Glass containers, and glass of any kind
* Video camcorders or any non-disposable cameras (due to bootleggers)
* Tape recorders
* Paintball guns (we will provide these)
* Animals of any kind
* Motorized boats (jet skies, motor boats etc.)
* ATV's (Four wheelers or anything like it, dose not include jeeps or trucks)
* Paint
* Weapons or dangerous objects (like Spam)
* Large kegs of beer, and excessive amounts of alcohol
* Distribution of promotional material (the only exception to this rule is that promotional material may be left in the Promotional Tent, for others to pick up and check out if they wish)
* Nitrous tanks
* Fireworks
* Woodworking tools
* Stickers
* Anything that makes others faint, duck or vomit

Good Things to Bring:
* Camping gear (tents, survival rations, flashlights, sleeping bags, etc.)
* Bathing suits
* Folding Chairs
* Towels
* Disposable cameras
* Backpacks and travel bags to carry stuff in
* Cell phones and communicators
* Ninja suits, and costumes of any kind
* Bug Spray
* Face paint
* Promotional material (for the Promotional Tent)
* Snorkeling gear
* Juggalo pride
* G-strings and halter tops (preferably worn by Juggalettes or large-sized Juggalos).

From: Jesse Radonski
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Gathering Shuttles

Question: I've seen many people on the message board who need rides from Cleveland airport as well as Greyhound stations. Can you have shuttles that may cost a small fee, if not free, to take us from those spots? Thanks for your time.~Jesse Radonski aka DrUnK Juggalo~

Answer: That's very hard to organize because people are staying all over the place and showing up at all different times so I don't think its going to happen. If I can manage to get it together (I have spent some time looking into this already) It would probably only be available on Thursday and Friday. We will post this on our web-site if we make it happen.

From: Rev. Bulldog Milenko
Email Address: [email protected]

Question: Jump...I just wanted to notify you of this, as I already got ahold of Netmaster Gordon and asked him to pass it along to all of you at Psy., and he thought it was a good idea.I am heading up a group of 50 Juggalos/lettes called the "GATHERING WATCHDOGS". We will be signing up at the Volunteer booth and will be working hand-in-hand with your hired security. I've been a bouncer for 7 years and I know how to talk people out of stupid situations (as I broke up about 4 fights at last year's Gathering by myself). All of my crew knows what's expected of them, and that is this: We are not there to be nazis, thugs, or police. We are there to ensure that everyone has a good time while keeping the event safe. We will be splitting up into about 10 squads of 5, and our function is to serve as eyes and ears where security can't always be. In the event that someone is doing some stupid bullshit, we will approach them calmly and try to talk to them while someone else goes to get security. We will not get physical with anyone unless, of course, it is to defend ourselves (which shouldn't happen anyway as we are all family, and most ninjas just need !to be REMINDED of that in the heat of the moment).We will be wearing black and white laminates on metal bead chains that say "GATHERING 2003 WATCHDOGS" on them. We would appreciate it greatly if you would post a public notice that the "WATCHDOGS" will be at the Gathering. We will not be imposing on anyone's personal fun, but instead will be watching out for anyone trying to destroy, deface, or fuck with other people. I understand that hired security is there to serve their purpose, and as I said we, by no means, are attempting to be security. If any of my crew so much as steps out of line they will have their "WATCHDOGS" badge removed and be relieved of their duty.I hope you agree that this is a good idea, because, although this may sound shady, we will be working together with or without your blessing. Thanks for your time Jump, and we'll see you in a few weeks.Rev. Bulldog Milenko

Answer: Dog that's the freshest shit I have heard in a long time and I am defiantly down with the flavor. Hook me up with one of them laments if you have one to spare cause I know I am going to be on the lookout myself, so I would be down to represent the cause. Hell yea, ninjas on the creep tip, keepin' the woods safe. Shit, I'm all about it!

From: ALEX
Email Address: [email protected]

Question: by any chance did u guys consider this? what happens if its 100 degrees out, we sweat our fuggin balls off...and what if its pouring rain...yay! squishy shoes for a week...did u take any of that into consideration....and i will be looking foward to the gathering! Mcl

Answer: Yes we did that's why many of the events are put in tents to keep them in the shade and to keep them going if it rains. Also one of the main benefits of the huge lake chillin right there is for ninjas to cool off whenever they want by taking a dip real quick. Rain or shine all the events and shows are set up to go on, no matter what. It might even make it hyper for the concerts if it were to rain. Nature just adds that element of chaos that could make things very interesting, at least that's the way I look at it, besides you think a little rain could really stop the flavor of the Gathering?

From: wheelz
Email Address: [email protected]

Question: I was just curious if any of the artists on psy. will be attending any of the late night partys at the gathering such as the masquarade party. Thanks for the time ninja. Clown Love

Answer: The artist always make it a point to be right in the thick of things at the Gatherings so I am sure they will be stopping threw from time to time to say what's up.

From: Simon Gray (Psy)
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: look ups

Question: is there going to be anywhere that the juggalos can lock away things like bags??

Answer: Yes there will be a free bag check for ninjas to leave their bags and things to pick up at a later time. This will be open 24-hours a day until Monday at 12noon.

From: Dr. Pepper
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: MSI and Rumors

Question: Why did Mindless Self Indulgence back out of the Gathering? Also is there any truth to the rumors that TechN9ne will be at the Gathering?

Answer: I am not sure why Mindless didn't want to do the Gathering but I am almost positive it had something to do with management. If you can recall, that first list of artist we put up on the website were not locked-down (as they are now) it was only a list of artist we wanted to get. As for Tech N9ne, we have mad respect for that ninja and you can best believe that there are big plans with working with him in the near future. The Gathering didn't quite work out, but rest assured that the lyrical sniper will be hitting up the Psychopathic scene soon, but its top secret at this time.

From: kevin Lout
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: paintball

Question: will we have to pay for a gun paintballs

Answer: No everything from the paintballs to the protective gear will be provided free of charge. You might want to bring some clothes you don't mind being tagged up though.

From: Deanne
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Security

Question: Whatz up!First and foremost I have got to say I can't wait to see you perform at the Gathering of the Juggalos. I think this year will be tight, but I am curious about what's going on security tip? Is there gonna be cops swarming this place 24-7 or are they just gonna be on the outside checking for tickets and parking stickers?

Answer: As far as I know the police will be on the outside patrolling the streets. The Crystal Forest is considered Private Property and they cannot just swarm over it. However we will not restrict them from coming on the property if they want to or have a concern, but it is my belief that they will not be present at all nor will they need to be. We are bringing in a ton of security 24-hours a day (this is our greatest expense for this years Gathering) who will be patrolling the woods everywhere. They will be looking for the "serious stuff only" and they are not their to give ninjas a hard time, they are their to give assholes a hard time and then some. Unlike other years they are directly employed by us and they are a highly professional security team out of Cleveland that works all the major concerts that take place their. They are all hooked up to radios and if you have any problems you should ask them for help, they can also get in touch with the medical tent in case of an emergency. If you are having a problem with security themselves, you can report complaints to the Information Tent and the problem will be corrected.

From: Chad
Subject: Selling out the gathering

Question: I think its really unfair on how you limited the number of tickets that that were sold this year and weren't up front about the problems that you were haveing. I've been to the past two gatherings and at both i could buy tickets at the door if I had wished. Because of this dishonesty, i hesitated to order tickets and they sold out by the time I found out that the problems have been resolved. I'll always have love for the musical side of psychopatic but I feel that the business side has alway been run poor. So I guess my question is how are you going to make it up to the legions of juggalos that got shut out. And forget about saying that your going to play our town because you refuse to play anywhere else in wisconsin besides milwaukee and "supossedly" your banned there. I don't really expect an answer because my question is real and theres no answer you can bullshit up. But i thought that i'd let you know that there is a lot of pissed of Juggalos tha!
t you can only screw over so many times.

Answer: Your right Chad I wont bullshit up an answer so how about this...FUCK OFF, hows that for keeping it treel. When you get threw wetting your dypers why don't you run your own company and accomplish even one percent of the flavor that we manage to pull off with our inferior business skills! You think it's easy? You think anyone anywhere is putting on an event that can even come close to mirroring the flavor and intensity and magic of the Gathering? Hell no. Look we aren't claiming to be perfect but all things together I think we do just fine. And we are banned in Milwaukee so why don't you cry to the source of the problem and go down to your own city hall and spill all your bad karma on them. And problems we have none except for people like you bustin our balls for no reason.

So, if you still want to go, throw a passifier in your mouth to stop it from flappin', and jump on those 500 extra tickets while you still have a chance!

From: Lisa
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Shuttle buses

Question: Hello! Just curious if you know how often the shuttle bus will be travelling to and from the gathering: every hour? when there is enough juggalos to bother? etcThanx!

Answer: A shuttle will be leaving every ten minuets during the slower times and every five minutes during the busier times. Unlike Chads shuttles which would probably be heading to the diper factory every two minutes during his slower times of bitching and to the baby supply store every one minuet when he is totally balling like a bitch. Because with his "superior business skills" he is able to get the job done so much better then we could ever hope to dream.

From: upchuck
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: the gathering

Question: will pets be allowed at the gathering?we have to min-pins named jack and shaggy who would love to go.

Answer: Pets are not aloud, unfortunately little bitches (not talking about female dogs) like Chad are.

From: manik
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: the stage

Question: i have seen the stage at crystal forest and it seems small compared to the stages at the gatherings of the past. Is the gathering going to use the stage that is already on site or do you have a larger stage that you will be bringing

Answer: We are bringing in a huge professional stage for the Gathering that will be set up in the field located behind the smaller pre-built stage. We are going all out as always with making the Gathering as hype as possible with no expenses spared. That smaller stage is actually being used for a chill area.

From: Ben
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Wood and Ice

Question: Will there be large quantities of firewood and ice available for everyone to buy in the campground or do we need to bring our own?

Answer: You can bring your own otherwise the firewood will be for sale near the main entrance to the Crystal Forest and the Ice will be for sale at the connivance store. You could also locate your own dead wood in the forest but you're not aloud to chop any wood dead or alive.

From: Jeff
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Medical

Question: Is there going to be a medical tent available? Will they accept volunteers?

Answer: Yes their will be a medical tent set up besides the Information tent that will have a full staff and an ambulance 24 hours a day. They will not be accepting volunteers as far as I know but it wouldn't hurt to ask them when you get down there.

From: Dick Mona
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Boat launch

Question: will there be a boat launch if so will there be more than one and do you have to own a campsight to put your boat on the lake?

Answer: There is no boat launch as far as I know and you are not aloud to bring motorized boats of any kind but canoes are good.

From: thuggalo1724
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: camp grounds

Question: wad up yall i just wanted to no if we didnt get a campsite in time and were gunna crash at a hotel will we still be able to chill at the camp grounds late nights or is there like a time that juggalos/lettes alike have to get out off the camp gounds and if there is a time we have to go what time would that be??? thanx stay up

Answer: If you don't have a campsite you can stay their 24-7 as long as you want. However you cannot sleep wherever you want or pitch your own tent somewhere. If you feel the need to rest you can go to the Hospitality Area (in the Crystal Forest) where cots are set up in a tent to rest for a bit and cool water is provided.

From: Strangleco
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: food and shizznit

Question: hey will the convenence store be like stocked all the time or will they like run out of food and stuff the first day? and will it be open 24 hours? cuz you know us fat kids need food whenever the craving hits us.

Answer: It will be very well stocked.

From: Jinx
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Gathering Questions

Question: 1) Are we going to be allowed to drive more than one car over to our sites for the 1st day in order to drop stuff off?
Are we going to be able to leave the park to buy things after the gathering as started? (can we go back to the parking lot and actually use one of our cars and then come back?) Can we bring a small barbecue/grill in for our campsite? (fire pits?)

Answer: Yes you can leave from the parking lot to buy things (though not much is around) we strongly discourage cars coming and going from the Crystal Forest except for emergencies. Yes you can set up a grill to cook your own food.

From: Breanna
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: Outlets selling Got J ticks

Question: Are the tickets being sold at outlet stores being counted as being sold out or are there still some available in stores that we could drive to and get one? If so, which outlet stores could we find them at?

Answer: No more tickets will be available at stores. You can only get them at on June 13th at 7pm as I have described before.

From: Nick Townsend-Ness
Email Address: [email protected]
Subject: small Jeep=car AND tent?

Question: My friend was planning on bringing his 198? Jeep Cherokee to the Gathering. It is considerably smaller than the car I'm taking--a 4 door '01 Chevy Lumina. With the news that SUVs count as BOTH a tent AND a car, we're wondering if that applies to any and everything labeled "SUV". It seems silly that a smaller vehicle would count double and my car is kosher. Any leeway on that? Our camping plans depend on figuring that out. THANKS!!!!!

Answer: Good question. Look, if you have a van or a large ass sport utility truck it counts as a tent. If you have a normal sized vehicle truck or not it does not count as a tent. If you have an RV it counts as your one vehicle for your sight and all three tents. If you have a camper shell on or off a vehicle (or something like that) it counts as one tent.

From: Deskin
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Subject: walking distance

Question: how far is it from the camp sites to the stage and booths and things? is it walking distance?

Answer: The place is big but every campsite is in walking distance to all the activities and they are relatively close.

From: Jugly from Wicked
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Subject: bags

Question: hey will there be a search of all the bags and shit we are bringing? If so how "hard"will they be searching? ThanksJugly

Answer: A visual inspection will be made. This means the trunks will be popped open and the under seats checked looking for the big stuff but personal bags will not be checked inside the Crystal Forest. The main thing they will be looking for is glass bottles, wood cutting tools and large amounts of alcohol.

That's it I gotta jet I hope this helped out a bit. And Chad: its all good hommie. I just thought you would like to see how it feels to have your balls busted. Keep your head up playa. See you ninjas at the Gathering cause its going to be the bomb!