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Imagine thousands of screaming Juggalos from across the nation gathered in one spot to become submersed in the chaos of the Dark Carnival culture. Soon this will be reality, and the only imagined thing will be the screaming you hear in your own mind...

See in concert - Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Myzery, Kottonmouth Kings, Blaze, & Project Born

Witness - Juggalo Championshit Wrestling

View - ICP's Big Money Hustlas

Get - free tatoos, autographs, and face paint

Talk - With ICP, Twiztid, and others in face to face seminars

Enter - the many contests available, such as a lingerie contest, Psychopathic Trivia, Sleep with Shaggy, The Neden Game, Juggalo Scavenger Hunt, and ICP Karaoke.

Buy - All ICP CDs and merchandise ever made, including one-of-a--kind items at the Juggalo Auction.

Tour - The Psychopathic Museum, Insane Art Gallery, and ICP stage sets.

Ride - on the official ICP tour bus through Detroit.

Explore - the deadly House of Horrors.

Amaze - At the Human Freak Show, where needles pierce flesh and 100-lb weights are picked up by nipples.

Play - in the free arcade, featuring the lastest games.

Compete - In giant extreme sports, such as Human Bowling, Giant Sumo Suit Wrestling, Gladiator Jousting over a vat of Faygo, and the Bungee Run.


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